March 2, 2016

National Read Across America Day

This special day is on its way!

Our district theme this year is: Book it Forward! Building a Community of Readers.

Each building is celebrating National Read Across America Day

in their own unique way.

As a district we are going to Book it Forward and Build a Community of Readers

by sharing great reads.

Book it Forward! Building a Community of Readers

Wednesday, March 2nd, 7am-4pm

HSD in Havertown, PA, United States

How you can Book it Forward and Build a Community of Readers?

  • Take a few minutes each class period to share or talk about your favorite "read" - it can be a letter, a song lyric, a children's book, a part of text from a novel, a poem. Share why it is your favorite read. (a google drive folder has been shared from last year's great reads).
  • Have students talk about their favorite reads.
  • Have students do a "Book Swap" to share favorite reads.
  • Place a book you read and want to share in a colleague's mailbox anonymously.
  • Email a review to a colleague about a great read/or email an article of interest.
  • Donate books to those in need- you can do so using the information provided below.

How to Donate Books: Students Helping Students

Only books that are in good condition are recyclable to recipient schools. In general, books which are damaged in any of the following ways are not recyclable:

  • torn or missing pages
  • damaged cover
  • loose or otherwise damaged binding
  • markedly yellowed pages

Only books with copyrights dating from 1980 to present are recyclable.

Encyclopedias must be part of a complete set. Copyright dates prior to 2000 are not recyclable.

Books having a religious content are not recyclable to public schools. However, if these books are in good condition, they can be donated to a local church or synagogue for their libraries.

Prior to pickup, please pack the books in secure boxes (no open boxes).

Students Helping Students is a 501c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to

provide books, furnishings, and other classroom materials, as well as financial

support, to schools in need. For more information, check out our website at