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This Week's Topic: The Daily Life Of An Average Family

A Reflection Of How We Live.. And A Lot Of Things We Take For Granted!

Life in the 20th Century really isn't as bad as it seems. You could say that we are blessed to have the problems we have in our daily lives... as they aren't much compared to struggles in past time periods. Anyway getting back on topic, in this weeks edition of The Toronto Star, we will go over how the daily life of an average family goes!

The "Less Interesting" Part

Life in general is pretty similar for every member of the family. In most families, the parents both go to work to get income, and both usually share the same responsibilities at home such as doing chores, cooking, or taking care of children.

Although the children themselves do not go to work, they still have to go to school to learn and develop skills. At home they do help with chores, but not as intense as the adults, and do generally get more time to relax than their parents.

This repeats for the most part except on the weekends, where the adults do not have work, nor do children have school. This time is free for a family to do whatever they want, whether that means doing more work, going on trips, or resting.


As our cities are well developed the urban areas of Canada, it is rare to see a farm. Instead our source for food comes from the grocery store - a place where other farmers transport their goods to sell. Because so many farmers and companies fill the shelves with their products, it gives lots of variety and choices at one location which makes it much easier to obtain food. But because of this variety and choice it creates intense competition with food suppliers, causing them to use harmful methods to produce the largest quantity and tastiest foods.
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Getting In Touch With Each Other

I guess you could say one of the things that the 20th century will be most famous for, is the "growth spurt" in technology. This technology expansion has played a significant role in the way we communicate with others. Now we have various methods of communicating. These methods include but are not limited to calling, texting, emailing, live chatting, video calling, and the using the features of different social media sties and programs.

All of these different methods make it so easy to get in touch with almost anyone, anywhere in the world. With so many options there is always some way to get hold of someone!

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In the current world entertainment is plenty. In fact it is kind of impressive to think back and realize how when the human race was at it's prime the main worry was survival. Nowadays, we worry about how to pass time and keep ourselves entertained. Because of that worry, there are so many ways to entertain - some interactive but there are lots of ways to stay entertained alone as well. These include video games, movies, parties, music, performances, shows, books, and sports.

Many of these entertaining activities are incorporated into our daily lives and due to that there is lots competition for companies to keep you entertained, once again giving you lots of choices. In fact, there are so many ways to keep yourself busy that entertainment seems more like a necessity of life and is taken for granted many times as well.


More and more countries around the world are beginning to accept and adopt multicultural societies. That means that in many countries you have the opportunity and the right to believe in whatever you want without having to be judged. There also usually is a variety of festivals, religious events, and religious structures for each religion. Because religion is not taken as seriously, its even okay to just not care in general, and most people will still treat you normally.
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In a well established country like Canada, there are so many ways to get around, whether it be short distances, or long distances. No matter where you need to go, there will always be multiple options for your preference of how you want to get somewhere.

If you plan travel short distances, you may want to consider going by car, taxi, bus, subway, bike, or foot. If you plan on travelling further distances your choices generally are plane, ship, car, or train. Regardless of where you have to go, these ways to get there have never been more efficient or comfortable, not to mention affordable!

Products & Goods

Much like getting our food, if we want to get any product you can go to a store/mall/plaza to get it. All the products that are available in the market are manufactured by companies in factories and then transported to these stores. This means that we don't have to make goods and items that we need or want ourselves, we just have to earn money to purchase them.