Rwanda Genocide

Nicholas Wimmer

Over 800,000 people dead from a war between two cultures. (Genocide)

The war began when the Hutu tribe believed that the Tutsi tribe shot down their presidents plane. Then, Hutu extremists launched a plan to destroy the Tutsi civilization. Whole families were killed without any form of respect. Babies, children, women and men were often shown no mercy and killed in the most atrocious ways. The picture below is the crashed plane that was carrying President Habyarimana. (Melvern) (Genocide)
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There are between 300,000 to 400,000 thousand survivors of the genocide

Nearly 100,000 survivors are aged between 14 and 21, of which 60,000 are categorized as very vulnerable. 75,000 of survivors were orphaned as a result of the genocide. Due to poverty, over half the children who survived stopped their schooling. 40,000 survivors are still without shelter, many whose homes were destroyed in the genocide. (Melvern)

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The Tutsi fight back

The war was only "over" when rebel groups from the Tutsi fought back and overthrough the invading Hutus. Also a new president was elected which also helpied the "ending" of the genocide. The reason i put those words in in quotes is because the genocide is not really over. The genocide still continues behind closed doors. As human beings we need to stand up and fight back againest these outrageous crimes againest humanity!

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