Puff Mobile Derby Final Prpject

By: Ryionna

The Design

For our design we used clay for wheels. Which didn't work very well. Cardboard for the bottom of our car. Three straws, two to hold up the wheels, and one to hold up the sail. Paper for the sail. And one popsicle stick to make the sail more sturdy.

The Data

We didn't really get any Data because our car fell apart and we got disqualified

The Reflection

The things that worked well in our design I guess would be the weight, because all of the materials we used were able to be add up to 40g. Some challenges that out car faced were sticking to the ground. Because the clay didn't dry, the wheels continued to stick to the ground and wouldn't move. I think that we could have made the top half out of popsicle sticks which would make the car lighter, and we could have used real toy car wheels. Which would result in a smoother ride, instead of the wheels sticking to the ground. To make the car move faster during the race, I would probably have somebody else blow air onto the car. Because it seemed like Baleigh wasn't really blowing on the car. To make the car actually move, I would keep the base as cardboard, and make the top half out of popsicle sticks. use real toy car wheels instead of clay. But keeps the straws.

Our prediction was If the car weighs less than 50g, than the car will move faster. Our prediction was refuted because we got disqualified from the race because our car fell apart. Making the car weigh less than the minimum, was a good idea. But since our car wasn't able to move our prediction was refuted.