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January 18, 2016

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Our mission at Richland Elementary is to engage students in a safe learning environment to become socially and academically successful.

Week at a Glance

Monday, January 18

  • Flex/Comp Day

Tuesday, January 19

  • Art/PLC
  • STAR Screener Window opens today
  • All grades should be posted and awards list to Traci today

Wednesday, January 20

  • LOL Meeting
Thursday, January 21
  • Fifth grade to symphony
  • Interventionists help with STAR screeners

Friday, January 22

  • Awards Ceremonies @8:30 and 9:30
  • Fifth grade to the middle school
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Shout Outs!

  • Thanks to Barbi, Jenny, Aletha, Chad and Traci for helping me devise the inclement weather plan. We will get copies put into your box in case we get snow/ice during the school day with the crazy Texas weather. We will go over the plan in the next staff meeting.
  • Thanks to Jeff for bringing over or iPads this week! Thanks also to Jeff for getting out all the info that we needed to know to use maintain the iPads, purchase aps, and giving ideas on how to use the iPads in new ways. I have put all of the info that Jeff emailed you in the 106 Teach folder for you. Once he sends out the info on Reflector, I will email and place in the folder as well.
  • Thanks to ASPIRE for doing a split when purchasing the iPads. Please be sure to integrate the use of the iPads in your tutoring before or after school.
  • Thanks to Lisa for planning another spirit night to raise money for the 4th grade field trip. Hopefully we raised enough money to get our total up to $20 off of each child's payment.
  • Thanks to Stacy and Jessica for scoring papers with kindergarten. This is the first time for kinder to use the writing rubric. It was nice to see their collaboration!
  • Thanks to Teresa Lawson for coming out to share some reading strategies. Traci has some Velcro in the office if you need it to make the folders. Also, I had Traci order a few more Post-it notes.

Tibits of Info

  • As many of you know, Liz was at RES as an interim Head Custodian. She did a good job while she has been on our campus and we really appreciate all she has done for the staff and students at RES. The district continually evaluates custodians and tries to find the best fit for each one. Liz will be moving to another school and we will have another interim custodian starting on Monday, Edward Doty. We will miss Liz and we wish her well in her new position. Please welcome Edward when you see him. He has been a head custodian in both Dallas and Louisiana and is eager to start working in BISD. Let him know if you need anything.
  • Please bring all of your MOY writing samples when you meet with Norma on Tuesday. She will pick some random papers to score so we can calibrate our writing. If you have any questions about upcoming lessons, she will be glad to help you with that as well. Please meet with Norma in the PLC room during your conference time. During your art time, please meet in Jenny's room. We will be looking at data from the 4th six weeks and using the CBA protocol on Math and Reading if time. Please bring your data from AWARE and/or your computer or iPad so that we can study data. We will not make six weeks test for the 4th six weeks, unless you want to do so. We will use the CBA data instead so we are not over testing in that six weeks.
  • We will have two student teachers beginning on Tuesday.

    Ashley Zuber-Davilia will be learning in Stacy Winans and Sheri McLaughlin's class. Seojin Park will be learning from Barbi Kapusta and Kathryn Jordan. Please welcome both of these future teachers to our building.

  • Teachers please be sure that you are marking TA codes for all of your students with accommodations including your 504 and SPED students. Also if any of these students are failing, you should talk to Aletha, Michelle or one of the SPED teachers. If the accommodations that the students are receiving is not helping them pass, then we may need to go back to ARD or to a 504 meeting to make different/additional accommodations.
  • Hopefully everyone will try some new activities with the technology you have in your classroom with your students in the upcoming weeks. Remember all technology can be used for skill and drill, assessments and for creating/demonstrating work. Jeff has challenged the staff to go out of your comfort zone to try something different. We will have Jeff come out to a staff meeting very soon. I will ask for volunteers to share something that your grade level has tried using technology. I know we already have teacher planning really great things. We will learn more if we share and collaborate with one another.
  • Next Monday's staff meeting will begin at 3:45. All staff members will need to attend for the first 10-15 minutes to go over the inclement weather plan. Please be prepared to bring samples of UPSC from your classroom that your students have completed. Please also take a picture of your UPSC board. We will also have a brief discussion on Plan Do Study Act so we can get started this six weeks.
  • If you have not sent an updated class schedule to Traci please do so.
  • Please send any events that need to be put on the 4th six weeks calendar for parents to Traci and me by this Tuesday.
  • Anyone interested in helping Angi with the Valentine's dance, please contact her directly.
  • I will discuss budget with LOL on Wednesday instead of calling another meeting after school this week. We will have a site based meeting on Feb. 1 to discuss progress on Campus Plan, answer budget questions, and other details!

Please label chargers and cords to your ipads

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Upcoming Events

  • Jan. 25.-Staff Meeting-Follow Up for UPSC-Bring student samples
  • Jan. 26.-Interventionist help with STAR screener
  • Jan. 27.-Jersey/Number Day and Chili Cook-Off
  • Jan. 28-Battle of the Books Competition
  • Jan. 29-RMS counselor here to schedule 5th graders
  • Feb 1-SBDM Meets
  • Feb. 2-Kerr at ILT
  • Feb. 4-Jump Rope for Heart Kick=Off
  • Feb. 5-All grade levels meet for reading & math collaborative in PLC room
  • Feb. 5-Meyerson Choir students leave at 2:00 PM
  • Feb. 6-Meyeson performance
  • Feb. 8-Staff Meeting
  • Feb. 9-4th Grade goes to Opera
  • Feb. 12-Valentine's Dance
  • Feb. 17-Campus Visit-Dr. Clark, David Holland, & Jamie Smith
  • Feb. 18-Founder's Day Dinner


Richland Elementary

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