JOB SHADOW: Agriculture Instructor

With Mr. Patric Folkner: Presentation BY: Andre Ray

Business Description

The niche of an horticulture instructor is to educated the younger generation to be experienced in the world they live in, by insuring the students know the basics of how plants live. My time at Longview High School was a good exorbitant of my time. I've learned how to plant, produce my own food, and the responsibilities that come with being an horticulture teacher. What gave me a positive vehement was the knowledge of being capable of liberating from food markets.

Employee Description

The Longview High School's horticulture instructor Mr. Patrick Faulkner was very incisive with the description of his job. He's been an instructor for the students at Longview for 15 years. For these many years students have learned the basics of horticulture and what it takes to produce quality, all natural food. Students knowing more than just processed food.

For the past two visits with Mr. Faulkner I learned the dedication of farming and cultivation.