Identify the Problem
The problem is that the the earth is full of dangers and the forces of nature can be destructive and devestating. Here are some examples:
(research and provided five examples of natural disaster in recent history)

--China Earthquake 2013: 6.9 Magnitude Quake Strikes Sichuan--

Earthquakes that hit china in Sichuan province left at least 32 people dead and injured more than 600 peoples.
--Australia braced for huge cyclone--

Design Brief

My task is to work in pairs to investigate, plan and create a video that demonstrates my ideas and understandings of “the safest place on earth”, using knowledge and skills from Science, Technology and Humanities

Target Audience
MYP students gr 7 and MYP teacher gr 7 who will be acting as potential home buyer
The target audience is...
Testing Method
The product will be a short film and this short persuasive film (AKA infomercial ) and it wil be shown to my target audience on the 29th Wednesday may 2013 and the target audience will complete the feedback form and the feedback form will ask question that are directly link to the design specs
Design Specifications
The product must have
  1. must be 5 minute in length, This include tittle and credits
  2. Contain original and appropriate music
  3. Must work with a partner and both partner appear in film
  4. Balance of original film (50%) and stock film footage/photo (50%)
  5. A balance between spoken words and music in le sound track
  6. Effective use of text, tittles/Subtitles/ caption
  7. Demonstrate effective editing techniques
  8. the product must be persuasive (be sure to compare and contrast as a way of persuading)
  9. Demonstrate excellent video capturing skill
  10. The product must include data to justify the location of safest place in the world (charts, graphs and figures)
I conducted some research about the relationship between music, films and emotions and this is what I found.


From the screeching violins of Psycho to the crashing chords of Jaws, film-makers have long relied on disturbing soundtracks to heighten suspense and terror.

Now, scientists think they know why the music used in scary movies is so good at making our flesh creep.

They have shown that the harsh, discordant and unexpected sounds used in horror soundtracks imitate the screams of frightened animals.

By peppering chillers with these noises, movie makers are tapping into deep, instinctive fears, they say.

The study looked at a class of noises called 'non-linear' sounds.

These range from the sort of distorted notes that come from a hi-fi cranked up too high, to the squeal produced by blowing too hard into a trumpet.

(b) research about the relationship between music and mood/emotion

(c) I have used soundation and have create a song about 3minutes. It dynamics, uplifting, Dancable, Movtivation. Here is a link that send you to my song- - I learned alot from soundation such as making it into high pitch and low pitch. I have learn how to fit all the track together. I have also learned how to use dynamics.

(d) I have used and create a song that is 3 minutes, is sad, emotive, moving and evokes feeling of devastation and destruction. It would be better if we were making the song dynamics, uplifting, danceable, Motivation because clubcreate got so many good soundtrack that are danceable.
  • Club create is very hard to use
  • Club create got so many good function that help our music better
  • Club create could easily adjust the tempo
  • It also could change into high and low pitch
  • There are so many different kind of studio

(e) i research about infomercial and this is what i found
A television program that promotes a product in an informative and supposedly objective way.