The Great Gatsby

Journal Entry 2

Chapter 2, Pages 23-38

chapter summary

In the second chapter, Tom guides Nick into meeting his lover, Myrtle and a touch of her husband is noticed, George Wilson. They all take a train to New York City, their usual affair meeting place, in New York, they have a party with new people introduced, the McKees, an odd couple and Catherine, Myrtle's sister. During the party, at first it's all innocent up until many of them start to drink, especially Myrtle. Myrtle starts to become annoying, so Tom buys her a puppy, but then she gets worse, becoming irritable, starting arguments with Tom about saying Daisy's name, in which Tom gets frustrated and breaks her nose. The party automatically comes to a halt and Nick and Mr. McKee leave, Nick catching the 4 o'clock train home.

Myrtle Wilson



  • Loud talker to get attention; obnoxious
  • Seeks attention
  • Usually gets what she wants from Tom
  • Gold Digger
  • "thickish figure"
  • Demanding


Myrtle Wilson is a low class married women. She is married to George Wilson who works in a garage and they live above the garage in a house like state. When her and Tom first see each other on the train, they fall for each other. Their affair usually takes place in New York. They have the relationship where she generally gets what she wants, using his money for most. She feels pampered and like an actual person. But during their time spent together, seems to come into conflicts, often her irritating Tom and him possibly hitting her.

What you say??

"I married him because I thought he was a gentleman," she said finally. "I thought he knew something about breeding, but he wasn't fit to lick my shoe" (34).

  • Myrtle and Catherine discuss being with unfit men for them, although her sister didn't marry hers. Myrtle did, which she is unhappy with her marriage. She explains she thought she knew what she was doing to have a better life for herself, but in the end she only made it harder for herself and ends up having an affair with Tom.
  • I find it quite funny that to find happiness people cheat, yet most don't find any better men then before, usually just for the looks or money or just hoping to get more attention, I feel that Myrtle shows that, even back then, some women do the same thing.