Massachusetts Bay Colony

Come one, Come all

European Roots

Our forefathers came to this great colony from Great Britain in search of religious freedom. They sailed on the Mayflower and arrived in Plymouth. Soon after, A group of Puritans settled nearby in Salem. This great colony has since attracted many others in search of a better, more prosperous life.
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This picture shows our strategic location on the coast that allows us to import everything we need and export what we grow to help fortify our economy. Our location has been essential to the economic development of our community.


Different settlements in our colony have different views on religion. In Plymouth, colonists are free to practice any beliefs they hold. In Salem, however, there is a strict Puritan community that tolerates only its own. No matter your religious preferences, we have a place for you in our colony.

Massachusetts Bay Colony Charter

Our government was first set up similar to a business, but we found that our needs did not always fit well into this model similar to a corporation. The charter has since been revised and we now have a governor, a deputy governor, a bicameral legislature, and a body of freemen.

Witch Free Since '93

In late 1692, our colony underwent a tragic, yet necessary trial. We discovered that Satan had infiltrated our society and was tempting our citizens to stray from God's path and follow him into misery. However, by May 1693, we successfully eradicated Satan's servants and once again became a peaceful colony.

Key Figures