Bullying hurts others, including you.

What happens when you bully.

When you bully you are physically or mentally harming someone on purpose. Most bullies were bullied at one point. You can scar someone for life if you bully and make fun of them. Don't be a bully!

What to do if you are bullied.

If you are bullied tell a trusted adult how you are being bullied. If they threaten you for telling on them tell a adult immediately. Don't let someone bully you. No matter what you always need to tell an adult if you are bullied.

Why does bullying seem fun?

Some kids think bullying is fun. It isn't fun if you are the one being bullied. If you bully, how would you fell if you were bullied? Bullying needs to stop. Bullying is never fun, but may seem fun.

Can only big guys bully?

No! Little people can bully. Maybe not physically or mentally but in a even different way. If you are a computer genius you can say give me your lunch money, or i'll hack into your Facebook or even more like in the picture below.
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Stop bullying!!! Watch this video if neccesary.

Stop Bullying: Speak Up Special Presentation | Speak Up | Cartoon Network
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