The Legend of Andrew Jackson

Man or Monster?

Trail of Tears

Tens of thousands of Natives are forced off their homes and their land. Thousands die and suffer. The natives are finally relocated after many storms and tears. This was the second part of the Indian Removal Act. 18000 Natives where relocated from Georgia to Oklahoma and over 4000 die.

The Corrupt Bargain

Jackson if running for president against John Quincy Adams.Neither of the Presidents get a majority. Henry Clay, another runner of president, strikes a deal with John Quincy Adams which almost guaranteed him presidency. The deal is made and JQA wins. Next election Jackson runs again after suffrage is expanded to any white man. Jackson finally wins!

2nd National Bank

Jackson despised the 2nd National Bank. He believed it benefited the rich rather than the poor. Many year after the bill was passed, it went up for renewal. Jackson vetoed and finally "slayed the bank."

I hate Andrew Jackson

Dear Andrew Jackson,

I am a proud member of the Cherokee tribe and what you have done, relocating my people and destroying my culture, is terrible. You are responsible for the deaths of thousands of the Cherokee. What have you gained from destroying my people. We are peaceful and never intended to hurt you or any other Americans. The blood is on your hands.


I love Andrew Jackson

Dear Andrew Jackson,

I am an average everyday farmer.I am a huge fan of your work. You gave a voice to the middle class who previously never had one. Thank you for taking care of the Indians who had killed my daughter. Another thank you for help on my taxes. Long live Jackson.