Appy Teacher Appreciation Week

Apps to help the busy teacher!

Apps curated with the busy teacher in mind!

We understand the last quarter of the year is one of the most hectic times of the academic year for our teachers. There are many apps created just to make your life run a little more smoothly. Your ITRTs have gathered some apps to help you increase efficiency in your busy work life. Each day during Teacher Appreciation Week we will share a new gem with you!


Day 1: Organize your YouTube Playlists

Youtube offers so many educational videos, you are sure to find teachers who share the same strategies you use. You probably already have found videos that help students grasp difficult concepts while connecting to the content in a real and relevant way. Let ITRT Cyndi help you get your Youtube Playlists organized so everything is ready to go when you are working with your students to make the most of your instructional time.

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