Multimedia In Pre-K

I Am An Author And Illustrator!

All About Me!

First the students create their last official book for pre-kindergarten. It is a biography which is basically based on their first book they wrote at the beginning of the school year. This way the students as well as the teachers can see the dramatic difference that has occurred over the school year.

Boomer Our Favorite Bear!

We always introduce Boomer's book when we start writing "All About Me" books. The kids love this stuffed toy and with a little help from the teachers they believe he is alive. :)

Storyboard Time

Storyboards are helpful!

We then talk to the kids we make a list on the promethean board of things we would like to share about ourselves. We bring it back to Boomer. "See what he said!" "Remember he talked about where he was born." Then we discuss with the kids how a storyboard is a good way of making notes or a rough draft of ideas on what they want to use in their story so they don't forget.

Students are ready to move on to the wonderful world of multimedia

The students have been working hard and are ready to start creating their book on an

i-Pad. Now this is a brand new application so it takes some time but they caught on much faster than I thought. The students really did find the storyboard to be helpful in collecting their thoughts. I might use this earlier in the year. I love how Little Bird Tales allows for voice recordings and writing.