Multicultural Report


Mrs. Jelinek

I usually have a multi-cultural poster for each culture that I have up for a quarter. This year I have a “mathematician of the month” poster that will highlight mathematicians from different cultures.

Mrs. Kluthe

I utilized various news articles from the student news magazine Upfront to explore and discuss contemporary multicultural issues and world events.

Mr. Ladehoff

We watch a video in Chemistry, about an african american who went from a janitor at a small college to teaching the technique of open heart surgery at Johns Hopkins University. We do not spend much time discussing it, but it is a really interesting video.

Mr. Kirkpatrick

7th grade general music studied different musical cultures, styles and music last year. The 8th grade general music classes studied how multicultural music, its history, traits and culture integrated to make American Roots music. All grade level bands perform and study music from different cultures throughout the year.

Mr. Feurer

Multicultural food study. The connections between foods of African-, Native-, Hispanic- and Asian-Americans and their cultures in A & P.

Social Studies

Throughout the curriculum, multicultural education is taught due to the nature of the subject area. Many projects, discussions, and class time is devoted to cultural education.