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Darrell Landrum of Oregon on Social Media

Darrell Landrum of Oregon is a successful information technology professional. Working in the information technology industry since 1990, Darrell Landrum of Oregon has a vast amount of experience in the industry. From this experience, Darrell Landrum of Oregon is well versed in the development and importance of social media. Here, Darrell Landrum of Oregon provides tips on how to utilize social media for your company.

Image: Although social media websites seem to be places for casual interaction, any executive or company should still maintain a professional image on social media. To project a good image to customers, first use your brand to project the fact that this page is legitimate and that it represents the face of your business. You should also carefully edit the content that appears on your page. Social media accounts such as Facebook have pages specifically designed for businesses with profile options to add important information for a business. Be certain to fill in those fields with the same type of content that you would have on your website.

Conversation: The point of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and blogs are to facilitate a conversation between the poster and the user and between users. As such, your company should actively participate in conversations with users who connect with you via social media. If a user comments on a status you posted or replies to one of your tweets, responding will facilitate that conversation and show that you care about the concerns of your customers. Many companies even use Facebook and Twitter to handle customer service inquiries.

Connection: Social media is also important for connecting companies to other, similar companies, as well as professionals to other professionals in similar occupations. LinkedIn is an excellent resource for connecting with other businesses and people via groups. Darrell Landrum of Oregon utilizes LinkedIn to connect to other information technology professionals.

Fixing Classic Cars: Darrell Landrum of Oregon

Darrell Landrum of Oregon is a man with many talents. Darrell Landrum of Oregon has a career as an information technology professional. In his spare time, Darrell Landrum of Oregon rides motorcycles, cooks, and rebuilds old cars. Rebuilding cars has been a passion of Darrell Landrum of Oregon’s since childhood, handed down by his experiences working on farms repairing equipment and seeing his uncle working on his 65 Pontiac GTO. Darrell rebuilt several cars as teenager and his high school shop teacher and working on farms taught him the tricks of the trade. For anyone interested in learning to fix classic cars, Darrell Landrum of Oregon provides the following advice.

· Find Parts: The first thing you will need to restore a classic car is new parts. Make sure you can get the part for your car. You can contact specialty vehicle salvage centers or part dealer to see if they have any similar vehicles and parts available. The internet is also a good place to try to buy replacement parts for your classic car. As a last resort and you can get some looks, visit an auto parts store, but know that these options might take a while to get the right part and can take longer.

· Authenticity: When restoring a classic car, authenticity and how important it is to you is something you must consider. If you want the car to be completely authentic, you will end up spending a lot of money on original and brand parts. However, if you want to spend less to restore the car, consider using non-authentic modern parts for some or even the entire restoration job.

· Learn to DIY: Learning to do your own car repairs will save a significant amount of money when it comes to restoring a classic car. If you are not trained in car repairs, it is likely that you will have issues diagnosing and fixing whatever mechanical problems your car has. In the long run, going to a reputable mechanic rather than attempting to fix a car with little to no experience will be cheaper because you will likely need a professional to fix any mistakes you make. Learn to weld – which is easy with the modern equipment of today and you can make lot of your own parts. There are lots of internet forums for cars and can be a wealth of information.

Darrell Landrum of Oregon and Donating to Charity

Donating to charity is a priority for Darrell Landrum of Oregon. Darrell Landrum of Oregon believes that donating to charity is an honorable action, and he donates regularly to multiple charities. Even if you do not have the financial means to donate much, making a small yearly donation to a charity that you feel passionate about can go a long way to both help the charity and make you feel good about yourself. These are some tips from Darrell Landrum of Oregon on donating to charity.

· Research: Before donating to charity, you should do your research. Find out what the charity does, whom their funds go to, and how much money is recycled back into the organization. There are over 1 million charities registered with the IRS, which means it should be easy to find one or more that you are passionate about. Look into how the charity spends its money to be certain that your donation is going to a cause you believe in and that the funds are being spent in a way that reflects your views.

· Be Careful: Do not donate to a charity that seems suspicious or unheard of. There are imposters out there, both in the form of fake organizations and individuals who claim to be from a well-known organization but are not. Request information from the charity itself before donating, and again, do your research to find out if the organization is legitimate and registered.

· Give Annually: Once you have found a charity that is both legitimate and reflects your concerns, consider signing up to make an annual donation. This will keep you in the habit of donating, and it will remove opportunity to forget to donate or decide not to without really thinking about it. Giving to charity is a valuable act that will make you feel good about helping those in need and supporting underprivileged communities.

Darrell Landrum of Oregon and Joining a Motorcycle Club

As a member of both the Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association and the American Motorcyclists Association, Darrell Landrum of Oregon is a strong supporter of motorcycle organizations. In these organizations, Darrell Landrum of Oregon has found a community with common interests and a group of people with which to go on motorcycle rides, compete, and participate in off-road activities. Darrell Landrum of Oregon provides the following reasons for why every motorcyclist should join a motorcycle club.

· Community: Joining a motorcycle club provides you with a sense of community. Motorcyclists share a common interest and activity, bringing them very close together. Motorcycle clubs also foster dedication and loyalty to the specific organization and to one’s group. Participation in a club that creates a community is an excellent way to make new friends and have a supportive network of individuals who have fun together. In addition, motorcycle clubs are varied, and many of them combine a commitment to motorcycling with another identity characteristic. Some are military based, faith based, or centered on professions. You can choose the motorcycle club that best suits your interests and identity.

· Change: Many claim that joining a motorcycle club changes one’s life. Motorcycling clubs foster a very specific lifestyle, and it is not for everyone. However, when those who do enjoy the lifestyle join a motorcycle club, they feel as if they have found a community that has a strong history and culture. Darrell Landrum of Oregon believes that joining a motorcycle club will change your life for the better.

· Fun: Finally, you should join a motorcycle club for the simple fact that it is fun and great camaraderie. Motorcycle clubs put on numerous competitions and other activities for motorcycle riders. Joining a motorcycle club will provide you with a calendar of events to attend that are all relevant to your interests and will improve your quality of life.

Why You Should Ride Motorcycles: Darrell Landrum of Oregon

Darrell Landrum of Oregon is an enthusiastic proponent of the joys of riding a motorcycle. Darrel Landrum of Oregon feels that motorcycle riding is liberating, energizing, and invigorating. Darrell Landrum of Oregon belongs to two organizations dedicated to bringing motorcyclists together and securing the future of motorcycle riding: the Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association and the American Motorcyclists Association. Darrell Landrum of Oregon strongly believes that riding a motorcycle is something that everyone should take the opportunity to try.

· Adventure: Riding a motorcycle is a risk. While some individuals do not like taking risks, especially on the road, many get a thrill out of risk-taking. Darrell Landrum of Oregon enjoys the adventure of motorcycle riding because for him, it feels freeing and enlivening. Bringing a certain amount of risk taking into your life can improve your overall quality of life by making you feel more excited and alive. If you enjoy risk-taking, riding a motorcycle could be just the activity to heighten your mood and make you satisfied with life.

· Events: Riding a motorcycle means that you can get involved with a number of events. If you join your local or statewide motorcycle club, you can access all of the great events that they sanction. Darrell Landrum of Oregon attends events put on by OMRA frequently, including different types of races and off-road riding activities. Motorcycling events are a great way to make friends and participate in activities you would not otherwise have access to.

· Culture: Motorcycle culture is something that many people love about motorcycle riding. Riding a motorcycle and joining a club or making other motorcycling friends can bring you a sense of community if that is something you are lacking. You will feel part of a movement that is united by the common interests of riding and taking risks. In addition, motorcycle clubs often take on issues that are important to them, such as the land-use issues that Darrell Landrum of Oregon is involved in as a member of OMRA.

· Family: Motorcycle off road riding can be a family event exploring new areas and events that most do not get to experience. Darrell has been riding motorcycles with his son on Oregon trails since he was 5 years old and has always been a bounding part of our relationship.

Darrell Landrum of Oregon Endorses The Luke Center

A graduate of The Luke Center for Catalytic Leadership in 2005, Darrell Landrum of Oregon highly recommends the Pacific Program at The Luke Center for any professional or individual entering the work force that is looking to improve his or her leadership skills. The Luke Center provides an innovative approach to leadership, using the idea of catalytic leadership. Darrell Landrum expands on the main tenets of the Pacific Program, of which he is a graduate.

· Leading from Personal Passion and Strength of Character: For Darrell Landrum of Oregon, leading from personal passion means finding a job you love or what you love about your job. No matter what you do, feeling passionate about your work will increase your motivation to perform and your ability to lead. Strength of character refers to one’s personal integrity: being honest no matter what your personal gains or losses are. Strength of character is paramount to good leadership because a good leader will not be swayed by personal concerns but will rather work toward the benefit of the group.

· Thinking and Acting Strategically: Thinking and acting strategically for Darrell Landrum of Oregon refers to assessing all sides of an issue and developing multiple paths to work toward the same goal. Thinking strategically means considering every aspect of a problem and working to address all of them rather than just one. Acting strategically means not acting until a plan is in place, and having multiple options in case one strategy fails. Recognizing interconnectedness of issues through strategic thinking is a very important part of leadership.

· Facilitating Productive Work Groups: Working collaboratively is the key to achieving goals, and any good leader is able to both work collaboratively and inspire others to work together. Collaboration generates new ideas at a much faster rate because individuals are challenged by one another and more quickly recognize problems with their own plans to achieve the common goal.

Darrell Landrum of Oregon and Teamwork

As a professional, Darrell Landrum of Oregon understands the importance of teamwork. While many individuals are discouraged by group projects or team-based assignments, teamwork and collaboration are paramount to the success of any business or organization. With the following tips, Darrell Landrum of Oregon provides valuable advice on how to work in a team and facilitate collaborative efforts at work.

Communicate: As Darrell Landrum of Oregon believes, communication is the key to working with anyone on any project. Communication will facilitate teamwork by fostering trust between co-workers and setting a precedent of discussing problems rather than remaining silent. Communication is also important to achieving the common goal present in any teamwork setting. Team members can bounce ideas off of one another and more easily see flaws in their own methods by engaging in critical discussion with peers.

Engage Outside of Work: While you should steer clear of mixing your personal and work life to a high extent, getting together with co-workers outside of work for a meal, coffee, or drinks is a good way to build a workplace friendship that will further facilitate teamwork. According to Darrell Landrum of Oregon, if you are friendly with your co-workers, you will more easily communicate with them and feel more comfortable identifying problems and working toward a solution.

Delegate: Dividing up work evenly and fairly is another important factor of successful teamwork. If work is divided such that one member is overburdened, he or she will feel resentful of others in the group with a smaller amount of work. In addition, if one team member is given a miniscule part in the project, he or she will feel as if the rest of the team does not trust his or her skills. Darrell Landrum of Oregon states that delegating portions of the project evenly is crucial to the successful functioning of the team.

Online Integrity: Darrell Landrum of Oregon

In the digital age, it is remarkably easy to forge a new identity for oneself on the internet. However, as an information technology professional, Darrell Landrum of Oregon is a proponent of being honest on the internet. Darrell Landrum of Oregon believes that an internet culture that fosters dishonesty, scams, and identity theft is becoming a greater danger as technologies advance. Here, Darrell Landrum of Oregon explains how you can maintain online integrity for your business.

Consistency: The first thing that potential customers will look for in regard to your company’s internet presence is consistency. Using the same name or URL is important because it allows others to easily identify related and official accounts. It is very easy in the digital age for anyone to take on the name or persona of an executive from a company or a lesser known brand. Using simple, consistent titles and URLs will show customers that your websites are legitimate. In addition, some social media services such as Twitter have a system for recognizing official accounts of well-known people and companies. Utilize those options for an image of online integrity.

Branding: Branding is another aspect of a company that customers look for in an online presence. A logo for your company that appears on all websites and social media accounts will quickly and easily show customers that your online presence is legitimate and connected to the same company. In addition, brand recognition will bring customers back and allow them to follow you online in multiple places.

Interaction: Finally, it is very important to actively use your online spaces. The purpose of the internet, particularly social media, is to interact with other users. If your company’s online presence shows little to no interaction, potential customers may think that you have gone out of business or that the page is fake. Use social media as a tool to communicate with potential customers and clients, and you will see rewards.