Surface And Groundwater

By Emily Gomez


Overfishing is when too much fish is caught before they can even reproduce. This not only affect humans by taking fish away, but also the whole food chain. We can solve this problem by creating more no-catch zones and by stopping trawling. Trawling not only catches tons of fish with a net but it can also crush everything in the gears path. Humans have tried controlling overfishing by only allowing large net-mesh to help small/baby fish grow, by setting a number of days you can fish, and by adding no-fishing zones. However they did not turn out to work very well.


When chemicals, gasoline, oil, and road salt get into groundwater it causes it to become unsafe for human use. Minimizing the amount of road salt and use alternative deciding materials can help. We can also inspect underground storage tanks for leaks. Properly dispose of all waste, like don't dump chemicals down drains or on the ground.


Littering can directly affect marine life, can wash onto beaches, and can also damage boat motors plus it smells bad. Animals also get sick or die by eating or swallowing trash. Tossing the trash into a dumpster and recycling, and picking up after your dog can be a solution to this problem.


Eutrophication is an aquatic overbunsance of nutrients, that can cause the whole system to suffer and become unlivable. Algal blooms is the most notable effect of eutrophication, when this happens the water is usually bright green, covered in algae. Not only does this look pretty ugly, but it also blocks light from reaching the water. This prevents the aquatic plants from photosynthesizing. We can stop this by limiting nutrients, and by filtrating algae.

Oil spills

Oil wastes can come from many sources like leaks or accidental spills, and some from careless habits. Many birds and animals ingest oil when they try to clean themselves, which can poison them, also plants and grasses absorb the oil, which can damage the plant and make the whole area unsuitable. Stopping shore drilling andimproving ship transportation can help this problem.