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Packaging Machines of the “Pack Line” - High-End Equipments!

Packaging equipment and special packaging materials are required at the enterprises engaged in the production of various commodities. The company “Pack Line” is a well-known manufacturer of equipment for the Packaging for Food Products in New Hampshire. We have products packaging machines for loose products, bread, semi-finished products, vegetables and other goods. Our equipment meets the most stringent quality and safety standards, are durable and reliable.

All of our customers are satisfied with the purchase of equipment, since it is easy to operate, are functional, makes even the most severe operating conditions and can withstand heavy loads. Moreover, our packaging machines for loose products, bread, Liquid Filling Machines in Connecticut and other products are available at affordable costs. Virtually any customer needs for packaging and dispensing a product, we are able to meet thanks to the accumulated tremendous experience of our design engineers and employees of the production department.

At Pack Line you can choose from a variety of different packaging machines such as Sealing Machine, jars or bottles machine, Hummus Packaging and more. We not only produce machinery, and carry out its installation, consulting company personnel in the operation and future maintenance. We deliver packing machine to anywhere in New Hampshire.For more information on the specifications, price and delivery terms, please contact us at 212-372-7669 or visit