Keiarra Tukes's Final Exam

TAFE/ Ed Rising and TRAFLES

Teaching: i created a board builder for my class.

Recreation: in class on Thursday December 17,2015 we are having a christmas party.

Appreciation of Teachers: i made a word block for my teacher for teacher appreciation.

Fundraising: nothing


Education Awareness: On November 20th there was some college advisors that came and talked with the class they talked about admission and tuition they also talked about how you can apply and how to stand out on an application. the schools that came were TCU,SFA,UNT, UTA, and Texas Weslyn.

Service Projects: nothing

Field Site Reflection

My Future as a Teacher

i have taken the PSAT test i have considered going to UNT,UTA, TCU,SFA, and Midwestern state university. my dream school is Midwestern state university. i selected this school because it is close to home and i wouldn't have to go out of state and i would know someone in the area.