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How do I get more youtube views? (Tips and Tricks)

I can't believe how many times I hear this question on a daily basis.

  • How do I get more youtube Views?
  • my youtube views are not increasing
  • how to increase your views on youtube free
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Answer is here

There are a few things you can do to boost your views.

Your video title must attract attention. You really need to get people's attention and sometimes you just have to go a little overboard to make it happen. Just visualize the following titles as you're browsing thru the YouTube video selections. Which one do you think would capture the most attention?

- Girl Gets Speeding Ticket

- Girl flirts with officer to Avoid Speeding Ticket

See what I mean? It may be crude, but it gets the job done. A title like this will definitely get people clicking to see your video.

Tags are like keywords. Tags are used when people search YouTube for videos. The more tags, the better, so enter as many tags as you can think of that would lead people to your video. Keep entering tags until you run out of room.

- The first item in your description should be your URL, starting with http:// Then hit 'Enter' a few times to separate your URL from other text. Then enter a whole bunch of keywords that are related to your video. The YouTube uses those words when it searches, so more people will find your video. By adding the extra lines after your URL, those words won't show, so they won't distract from your URL.

Here’s another idea – if you’ve written an article related to your website and it’s 300 to 400 words in length, add that to your description. This will go a long way towards getting your video to the top of the search engines. I’ve done this before and my video quickly showed up on the front page of all the major search engines.

After you have done all of this, You can hire our Youtube Marketing Services:
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Are these real you tube views?
All views sent to your video are REAL humans; we do not use nay artificial software or bots to deliver views.

Who are your customers?
Upcoming Music bands, Start Up companies with really wicked products, Services companies, Anyone who wants to get noticed and create higher conversion on YouTube platform

How will you market my video?
We use various marketing platforms including organic, display ads, PPC, website placement for your video just to name a few. We promote your video across multiple ad partner networks as well as on Facebook, and Twitter. Social Media Marketing = cost effectiveness + massive potential customer reach! WE (Youtube-hits.Com ) has built a vast network infrastructure of partners on many social media networks which allows us to broadcast information about your page or profile to literally millions of online users. Doing so places your company in front of tens of thousands of people in your industry or interest group which; in turn, introducing them to your brand and quickly boosts your return on investment. This method also ensures that only real people are added to your social media accounts.

Do you need my Youtube account login and password?
No. All we need is the url of your social media account (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram+ and/or YouTube video or account link)

How long will it be before I will see an increase in my You Tube video views?
Although your video will begin accumulating views within 12 hours, YouTube updates it’s stats at a slower pace. Due to this, you will actually see an increase in your video within 12-72 hours.

Can I track these views in Youtube?

What information do you need from me to get started?
We only need the URL of your video. We can provide views to either a single video, or to your YouTube channel. When you buy YouTube views from us you are in charge!

Okay Sounds good, How will I give you my website URL?
First, you place your order(s) via PayPal. You will then receive an email confirming your order has been submitted and started. Finally, our sales rep will send you an email upon completion within the turnaround time stated within the package ordered. In addition, you may also monitor your account at your own discretion.
You don’t want to wait to hear from us? No problem, Simply click on Contact Us page and fill out a form and send us a email.

When will I receive my order?
Delivery time frames depend both on the quantity of views ordered as well as the targeting.

When will my campaign start?
We strive to start all orders the same day they are received. For Fast views we guarantee that your order will start within 3-6 hours of receipt.