All about Exhibition

by Murtaza Sehorewala

This is my partner Tate's smore website

Central Idea

The action we take may affect human communities

What to do in this exhibition?

In this exhibition we are suppose to choose topics related to human communities for example sports, exercise, gaming, swimming, smoking etc.

What to do after we have chose our topic?

After you have chose your topic you have to do this :

Think that I have chosen sports. Next I have to choose that my topic fits in what health, social or environmental.

Reflection on the first week

The first day of the week which was Sunday the 26 of April , we watched videos on youtube. The videos we watched on youtube was about speeding. We planed our ideas also. On monday we started to make a the rough comic for children. We even wrote are planning ideas in our exhibition books. On Tuesday we again watched some videos on speeding and we did our central agreement . We even wrote down our talents and skills which we could use for our exhibition. Yesterday we wrote our lines of inquiry and with our lines of inquiry it was easier to write our key concepts questions. We even made lego cars and a bike for the police. We made the lego because we wanted to answer our form question in a lego movie.

Here are some facts of speeding

1) 3% of accidents are caused in England.

2) 80% of accidents are caused in Dubai.

3) 756 accidents were caused just in 8 hours (Don't know whether some of them are speeding or not)

Here are some web useful and interesting links about speeding

I put this video because I thought you would know why we should not speed and follow the speed limit. Also to make sure you follow all the rules and signs etc. on the road. Basically follow ROAD RULES :)
Bad Car Crashes Caught on camera 2014 - TOP 50