Thought for the week

Engaging and encouraging debate, discussion and discourse.

Ways to create quality!

Living in a modern, throw away society and with a delete button always at the ready it would be very easy for us to simply dispose of or erase the things we produce which are not 'quality'. This week we are focusing on how, with a little bit of good advice as well as constructive critiques we can actually use a first draft to progress to something of a much higher standard.

So, here's how it works in theory...

You get a task and you have a go. Simple, right?

Sometimes though, just like Austin, our first attempt serves a basic purpose but it's not quite right! That's when we enlist the help of our friends, peers, teachers and support staff. If they can help and guide us with fantastic advice we can make our second attempt even better. One of the keys to this is the people who critique us have to follow some ground rules to make it work. Critiques should always... Be Kind - say something good about it, tell the truth but don't be too harsh! ... Be Specific - Point out exactly what you mean and explain what techniques a person could use to achieve the goal you're setting them and Be Helpful - Remember you are trying to help the other person make progress in their task! Why not try this out over the next few weeks. Think about it, talk about it and see how much progress you make. You might even make yourself really proud!

And here is how it works in practice!

critique and feedback - the story of austin's butterfly - Ron Berger