Betty Cuthbert


Betty Cuthbert Information

Historical Figure:Betty Cuthbert

Birth name:Elizabeth Cuthbert

Place of birth:Sydeny

Brith date:20/4/1938

About Betty Cuthbert

Betty Cuthbert is a girl that was born in 1938 on the 20 of April in Sydney.Betty Cuthbert has a twin sister name Maria Cuthbert and when Betty was a child she felt free when she run around. Betty grew up and went to Ermington Public School and when she was in year 4 her teacher Mrs June Ferguson influence her.Betty grew up as a teenager and she went to Macarthur Girls High School.When Betty was in Macarthur Girls public school he represent the school in the age of 13 to go to a running race contest and she won a gold medal.

How did Betty become famous and how did she become a Olympics person.

When Betty Cuthbert was in the age of 18 year old she went to the summer Olympic that was held in Melbourne,Betty Cuthbert set a new world record in 200 yards making her one of the the favourites person and she won gold medal in that event.Betty was best known as because she was a famous women in the Olympic Athlete in the 1950s can you even believe it.People call Betty The Golden Girl in the 1950s.In 1960 Betty went to the Olympic in Rome.In 1964 Betty went to the Olympic in Tokyo and it was the four hundredth meters run and is going to be her oughest and last race.Betty was racing then she went to victory and she won a gold meadal and a trophy.In 1981 people was shock that they notices Betty Cuthbert has a disease call multiple Sclerosis but then Betty Cuthbert was okay from her disease.
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Betty Cuthbert hobbies/Talent and Betty achievement.

Hobbies=Betty Cuthbert can run 200 yard,100 yard, 220 yard and 440 yard.Betty is very good at running because she can run up to 440 yard.Betty is a very good runner like what I say when she was little she was feeling free to run.

Achievements=Betty Cuthbert has achieved 3 spriting gold medal and Betty has a statue of her and Betty has a park that is name after her.Betty has a lot of gold medal from the Olympic since 1950s t 1981 since Rome,Melnourne and Tokyo.

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