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Generation 2015

Hey iGIP!

Greetings from sunny Mexico! I hope all is well in Peru! We're in the middle of sessions right now (on a break) and I wanted to write to you guys about what's happening in Peru and all the things we need to do to get the ball rolling. So this particular newsletter will have a lot of data for you guys!

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LC Performance and Analysis


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LC Performance and Analysis

March 17-23

Congratulations to CLPA for having one MA and RE on the system for this week! However, given that this was caused by the delay of matching the form on the system, it resulted in some dissatisfaction problems with our trainees. I will talk more about it during the NPS part of this newsletter.

CLAQ, you had 4 realizations planned for this week and you achieved 0. What is happening?

March 24-30

Congratulations for Catolica for having their realization with Sibel, number 700! Great job :) If you guys notice, for both this week and last week, i didn't put any information on your meetings, callings and accounts.

That's because you have not registered ANY ACCOUNTS on podio. I don't understand why. What is the problem? I thought at first it was because you didn't know how to use podio so I created an information booklet for you guys. However, it's still not happening. Why is this not happening? Please send me an email if you have some ideas on why we are not moving forward with any of these accounts.

Congratulations for being our 700th experience CLUC!



I was looking at our NPS today and I was very worried. We got the LOWEST POSSIBLE SCORE on NPS. We were rated at -100. Are you aware of the quality of our internships? Only one trainee answered the survey, and it was the trainee from CLPA who was very unhappy about our service. These are her comments.

What can we do?

So how can we move forward from this and use her inputs to provide better experiences for our trainees? I would like to invite you to read the information below to get more insights on how we can improve concretely.

Action Steps

1. Communication: Please assign ONE MEMBER PER TRAINEE to act as a buddy and create a checklist of the minimum responsibilities of these buddies.

Deadline: APRIL 1, 2014

2. Integration: Invite your trainees to your LC Activities, have them join your facebook groups, plan a dinner for them. Make sure they have met the AIESECers in your LC. Invite them to your office!

These are just two out of MANY solutions we can implement. What do YOU think we can do?

iGIP Meeting/ILC Download

Thursday, April 10th, 6-9pm

MC Flat

I need to meet with you guys to have a space for us to discuss the national and local direction for iGIP, not just for the last 3 months but for the rest of the year. Please confirm on facebook! <3 We'll also have dinner together!