Peer Ministry Meeting Agender

November 18, 2013

Opening Prayer

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Room # CampusMinistry

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Friday Prayer

Kathy Invites Next Person for Friday November 22, 2013

Daily Mass Reminders

Monday November 18th - Darby

Tuesday November 19th - Manuela

Wednesday November 20th - Brianna

Thursday November 21st - Matt

Monthly Mass for December

Do we want to have our Peer ministry Mass on the 4th Sunday still? Or should we do it before we go into finals?

  • Before Finals would be December 15th
  • After Finals on 4th Sunday would be December 22nd.

Also where do we want to have it?

Lunch Orders

So you guys don't miss your lunch, when we have peer ministry meetings if you email me your order for the snack bar before 10:15 a.m. we can get our food order at the beginning of lunch and skip the line on the days we have peer ministry meetings and council meetings.

Team Break Off

  • Teams Break off.
  • Who is your current council member?

Weekly Goals

Class Goals

Peer Ministry Contract - Create a finalized version of the contract for peer ministers to review, you can use previous drafts worked on by other groups. (Due Wednesday November 20th)

Big Brother / Little Sister Program for Peer Ministry - Write a proposal for the big brother little sister program between the peer ministry classes and be sure to include the purpose to submit, possible doing advent angels again. (Due Wednesday November 29th)

Group Goals

Christmas Caroling

  • Figure out a time and location for us to do Christmas Caroling Ministry (Due Thursday November 21st)
  • Create a list of song we need to practice and memorize (Due November 21st)
  • Create a Song Playlist on Youtube for People to Practice with and listen to (Due November 21st)
  • E-mail links to song lyrics for each song to all peer ministers (Due November 21st)

Mass Awareness Video

Using this as a template shoot and edit a video to get raise awareness on campus of the daily masses in the chapel.

  • Script with all parts assigned to Peer Ministers (November 21st)
  • Set up a time to shoot the video after school (November 21st)

Good Idea/Bad Idea Video

  • Using the drafts created by previous groups submit a script to Mr. Alvarado for the video idea (November 22nd)
  • Using the Script you create - Assign parts to peer ministers who can help shoot the video (November 22nd)

Philippines Donation Project

Work with the students overseeing the Philippines donation project and find ways that Peer Ministry can help.

Closing Prayer