Jerusalem, The perfect place to have a great vacation!

Yummy food to munch on!

If you are hoping to keep up with a diet then you can try some yummy Israeli Salad, Which is made with fresh tomatoes,green peppers,and lemon juice.Also if you go there during the time of the passover then you will be able to walk down the street and see many options of good food because during this time people in jerusalem stalk up on plenty of delicious foods.Basically there are many healthy food choices and sweet ,yummy,and fresh choices.

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Amazing things to learn about and great performers in the arts to watch!!

Music is very important to the people in Jerusalem and all over the rest of Israel. There is a classical orchestra in Israel called Philharmonic and they are internationally known for there lovely music. So if your in town when they happen to be performing there then you can go listen to some of their classical music. There are also really good dancers that are also internationally known for their style,form,and creativity.Jerusalem is also the capital of Israel, so that makes your vacation even more exiting!!

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Sights to see, Places to go, And options to have fun :-)

There are very many different festivals to go to almost every month that your sure to enjoy. In fact, This year of 2013 there is going to be the first ever formula one race, Which will go thru the streets of Jerusalem then into the old city. It will be fun and interesting to watch. If you are ever bored (which isn't likely),And you don't know what you should do next,There is lots of fun,tricky,and enjoyable ropes courses. Also, Just recently there was an old train station in Jerusalem that was transformed into a huge shopping complex! It has plenty of shops, restaurants, and places to relax to get the Jerusalem vibe!

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Jerusalem is in Israel

This is where Jerusalem is located on the map.

Jumping place to place in Jerusalem

One thing you might pass up is the coastal plain, Which is a narrow strip of fertile land that runs along the Mediterranean sea. There is also amazing beaches to relax at if you want a little break. Then if you want to get some education about the historical things that happened in the Jerusaelem and Israel then you can go to the old city. The old city has many interesting examples from each major period in the city's history. Those would be fun places to check out when you are in Jerusalem. One thing you might notice is that all construction in Jerusalem is a cream-colored limestone, This is because all the construction is required to look like that. The cream-colored limestone is also known as Jerusalem stone.So many buildings and houses will be the same color.

Intresting languages!

The official language in Jerusalem is Hebrew, Which is a great language to learn about. The most popular foriegn language in Jerusalem is English so they will be foriegn to you while your foriegn to them. Jerusalem is also a very religios place and does have churches there that you can stop by on your vacation there.

Great swimming weather!!!!!

The normal temperature in Jerusalem is hot and dry, So you can stop by the beach which is part of the Mediterranean sea and its just beautiful like many other sights in Jerusaelm. Or you can go to a relaxing indoor or outdoor pool at the hotel that you stay in on your vacation here in Jerusalem.


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