Amanda Hartman


In China there are water ways and mountains, deserts, plato's, oceans and seas. The mountains, deserts and the ocean will prevent cultural diffusion. Most people live near river valley's, it is easier for farming, on the plains.


Ethnocentrism is when you believe that you are superior to others. This is often because they are isolated. But there are many perks to this. There's a lot of natural resources, there is often a surplus of natural resources. They are strong and everyone has similar cultures. Their goal is to keep foreigners out.

Opium War

The Opium War is when Europe wanted control of China because of their natural resources. So, Britain gets the people in China addicted to opium so they could trade with them. The results were that Britain wins and now has bigger weapons. They can trade with China now.

Boxer Rebellion

China wants the foreigners out. So, they start a war with the Europeans and they lose. The Europeans have better weapons. And China can't really do anything about it because Britain has the power.