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After the election international securityand many pollitions opposed war on Irans neucular program. The Iranian Parlement has made the following points. It woud be beneficial and effective for the transparent and hilateral dialog between Iranian government and the U.S. reguarding Irans neucular program to be shown. Irans neacular program is a vastly complex issue. A last point made is that for a peaceful purpose that Iran should have a right to enrich uranium. Also Iran is going to make another attempt to send a monkey into space. At the beginning of Febuary the monkey will be sent into space for 10 days. Iran has a goal to send a man into space by 2020. Also to have a man on the moon by 2025. A rat, worm, and two turtles were sent into space in 2009. Next nearly 50 Iranians were traped at an airport because of bad weather. The Iranians were going back to Iran from a prisoner exchange when high winds canceled the flight. Fortunatly the Iranians got to go back to Iran later that day.


In Iraq today, the weather has been doing some damaging things to their oil barrels. There are now 960,000 barrels. When on Sunday there were 2.35 million barrels. Iraq is also lucky to have beaten his side from 4 to 2 on penalties in their 2nd semi finals at the National Stadium on Sunday. Their government has also stated "The United States and the Zionist regime of Israel have devised a scheme for Iraq to seek and to ignite the flames of sedition and civil war in the Country",Ayatollah Jannati said. Ayatollah Jannati also was saying that the United States and Israel are trying to create in Iraq the unrest when they have caused in Syria. Iraq ghas been the scene of anti-government demonstrations since December 23, 2012 when bodyguards of Finance Minister Rafie at Issawi was arrested on terrorism-related charges.



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