Science Fiction

I am number four by Pittacus Lore

John smith/Four- main character that is learning to develop his powers on the run so that he won’t be killed by the mogadorians

Henri- John’s cepian (protector) who is has to help him develop his abilities

Sam- Johns best friend whose father disappeared when he was young

Sarah- Johns crush Marks ex

Mark- dated Sarah broke up anyone who likes her he bullies

There was once a planet name Loren, some of its people gained special ability’s given to them by the planet itself. It was peaceful and green planet until the mogadorian race came. War broke out and Loren was destroyed. There was 18 survivors 9 kids who will soon gain there ability’s, and 9 adults that are cepans, or there protectors. Before they left to earth a spell was cast so they must be killed in order of their number. Once on earth each child and there cepan split up to different parts of the glob. Three have died John Smith who is number four is next. He decides that he must find the others so they can finely fight the mogadorians and take back there planet.

John got the third scar on his leg which meant he was next to be killed

John like a girl name Sarah but her ex Mark starts a fight with John

John makes a new friend Sam

John gets his first power during school and has to quickly leave before anyone can see

Mark kidnaps Sarah and Sam so John has to get them back and a fight brakes out

Henri gets kidnapped by the mongdorians and John and Sam leave to try to get him back

Something might be different than what you may think it is.

showing of the powers

descovering the first power

mongdorian looking all nasty like