by Elgin Hodges, Period 7


I believe the purpose of the film was to show that even though you might lose the battle you can still when the war in life.

Defining the Purpose

The purpose of the film was to show that you can overcome your adversities. That no matter the circumstances you can win in life if you never give up.

Achieving the Purpose

How the director achieved his purpose

  • Filmed the Neighborhood where the boys lived and showed their conditions
  • Most of the boys didn't have a father figure or a male role
  • Money, didn't give up on his dreams of making it out of the town and someone heard his story and paid 100% of his college tuition


After watching the film I felt happy for the boys who didn't give up. It showed me not to take opportunities for granted, because their are others who don't have the chances I have. Also it showed me even though I might fail never give up and keep working towards being "Undefeated" by my test and trials through life.