E-books, S'mores and More

A few Tools To Use To Jazz Up Your Class

This is the QR Code for Linking to This S'more

Here his the link as well


Enjoy a S'more and Link With Me

E-books on Destiny

Link to Screancast


  • You need to download the Follett App on your Ipad to access the shelf
  • Use your computer for access or a Droid
  • Jing is the download I used to create this 5 minute screencast
Keep all of your links in one handy place for easy access.

A Glogster is a digital poster

Use to Introduce

  • Present A Project
  • Relay Info
  • Students Create their Own

Edwards Library Wiki

Links to lots of Web 2.0 tools for teachers and students

Go Animate

This is an example of a GoAnimate Cartoon

  • Use Powerpoint pictures for your background
  • Or use background and characters provided by Go Animate
Daring School Library Media Orientation Animation