Athens, eye of Greece and mother of arts


  • Seafood is a big part of all Greek cities because most of ancient Greece is on the coast
  • Olives are farmed to make olive oil (they are also sacred to the goddess Athena)
  • Grapes are farmed and made into wine

5 Super Crazy Interesting Facts

  • One of the oldest cities in the world
  • First Olympic games
  • Home of the Gods
  • Olive trees sacred there
  • Origin of theater


  • Citizens ran the government
  • Citizens were free males with land
  • The government was a democracy

Athena (Religion)

  • Goddess of reason, arts, and literature
  • Daughter of Zeus
  • Came out of Zeus' head full grown and in armor
  • Often symbolized as an owl


  • Two types of education: formal and informal.
  • Formal Education was primarily for men and not offered to slaves.
  • Young women would receive informal education from their mother and would be taught to maintain a household for the men.

Major Battles

  • The Battle of Marathon
  • Athenians against Persians
  • Sparta helped fight the war on the Athenians side
  • Miltiades convinced his generals to attack the Persians, he also ordered the hoplites to form a line in equal length to the Persians and the Athenians won the war.

Every Day Life (culture)

  • The Athenians clothing was mainly a tunic
  • Theater was often preformed for the gods welcoming them
  • Most people would often be farming olives and/or grapes

The Bubonic Plague

  • 430 B.C. the Bubonic Plague broke out in Athens
  • Plague Causes Fever and Painful swollen lymph glands

  • The word "bubonic" comes from the word "buboes" which is a swollen lymph gland

The Partheon (buildings)

  • The Acropolis of Athens Greece
  • Supposedly a building dedicated to Athena
  • burned down by Persians while under construction
  • There is a statue of Athena made of gold and ivory inside the complex