Ms. Hansen's 2nd Grade Classroom

April 27th- May 1st


Hello Everyone,

I'm proud of all of you! Thank you for working hard. Continue working on the assignments that are in ABCMouse and MobyMax if you get done with them go ahead onto lessons you would like to do.Please make sure to scroll clear to the bottom of this page to see some of our school friends!

This Wednesday at 4:00 we will do Google meet as a class. I will be sending out the link on Bloomz and through your google email/parents email. You will push on the link and it should hook you up to my meeting. This will be a trial run so everyone please be patient and I hope it goes well.

This is the time you visit with your classmates and me! Some rules we need to put in place are that you need to be polite and take turns talking or we won't be able to hear anyone and to be appropriate while online. Please do not bring pets or toys to the chat:) I'm so excited to see you all and can't wait until Wednesday.

*Important Message from the state about Spring IRI (Istation)

Dear Parents of Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and Third Grade Students:

Students will be provided the IRI test, through Istation, in May. We would appreciate all who are able to log their Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Grade students onto Istation the first week of May. When logging in for the first time in May, for ISIP Reading, the assessment will automatically be administered. The ISIP icon is present during the assessment, but not during the digital curriculum lessons, that will help you know your child is in the assessment. Your child will transition from the assessment into the curriculum automatically, when they complete the assessment. The test results will only be used at the classroom level, to get an indication of our student’s skills at this point in time. The state will not use the IRI scores for accountability purposes. It is very important that students take the test in a quiet setting, with no help in answering questions from others. Many of the items are timed, and distractions can affect the ability to complete the question in the time allotted. If assistance is provided, the data will not give us an accurate picture of the student’s understanding of concepts at this point in time. We would like to see the assessment completed no later than May 10th. We appreciate your assistance in having your child participate in this assessment.

Reading 60 min.

Writing 30 min.

Math 60 min.

Social Studies/Science 30 min.

Art/Music/PE 30 min.

Free choice 30 min.


Reading Daily

- 20 reading a book or a story on Epic to a family member or your favorite stuffed animal daily

-When you are done with a whole book you can take the quiz on Whooo's reading

-I have added some grammar videos, matter books, and people/culture/world books.

-Moby Max reading, grammar, and reading skill assignments

- 30 min. at least on ISTATION reading a week

-extra options- Whooz quizes on books you've read, ABC Mouse


Choose one of the following prompts to write about daily. Please keep all your work in a writing notebook. Write down the prompt or assignment at the top of the page. Remember to use describing words, your best handwriting, and correct grammar and punctuation.

-While you are reading books on matter in Epic, write down notes of important information (key details)

-What are the 3 stages of matter? Name some examples of each.

-How can some matter change from one state to another?

-Have you visited another state or country? Write about your experience.

-If you can go anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? Make sure you read about the place in Epic to find out information.



30 min.- I have assigned some new lessons in MobyMax we will be working on shapes and reviewing adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers. If you have not finished you lessons in time then please do so.

30 min. You may go onto IStation or Abcmouse after 30 min. of MobyMax or stay on that site if you choose.

Social Studies/Science

Pick one option daily

-Read books on matter on Epic. Be sure to write important facts down.

-Read books about different cultures of people and places. Write down what you learned or tell a family member.

-30 min. Social studies on Moby Max or ABC mouse

-30 min. Science on Moby Max or ABC Mouse


Visit the Specials page! for Ms. Mottern and Mrs. Hugill's weekly tasks


-Draw a picture of somewhere else you have been.

-Build a building of a house or building you saw when you went on vacation OR in a book you read in Epic. You could use legos, blocks, clay, or playdooh. Email Ms. Hansen a pic of your finished building.

Free Choices

-Go Noodle dances/music

- Codespark

-Typing Club

ELL Support-

Visit Ms. Meyer's page for weekly assignments.

For instructions on getting on Istation, Clever, and the other sites we will be using

Class codes:

Epic: vqm7779

Zearn: RX7C7Q