SCRIBBLAR-A Virtual Whiteboard

An Overview

Scribblar is a free online collaboration tool. It works like an online meeting room or a virtual whiteboard. It is great for online training and tutoring, artwork, images, product demos, interviews, tests and creative brainstorming. It is simple to use, effective and can involve multiple users. It is currently used by teachers, students and schools in over 25 countries.


* Multi-user whiteboard in real time.

* Shared Pointer
* Image Collaboration with both image upload as well as download.
* Text chat with userlist
* Live audio

* Writing tools


-Lines, shapes.


-Can write like on an actual whiteboard, instead of type.

* Insert mathematical notations or formulas using LaTeX.

* Add a website snapshot
* No user or session limits

* Take a snapshot of the work done

Ease of use and Potential Classroom Application

* Very easy to use, works mostly with just a click of the icons provided.

* Can be used by teachers to tutor after class or make-up for a missed class owing to unforseen

events like a snowstorm.

* Teachers can use it for collaborative meetings and projects.

* Students can use it to collaborate on projects.

* Creative discussions and brainstorming with the wonderful feature of Text-chat and a Live

audio chat

* Students can use this to work on homework problems together.

I see it being used in class to ensue great discussions. It is great for students who are shy to speak up in class, but not necessarily without great ideas. It allows them to type their discussions. Can be used efficiently for a Math class as it does have LaTeX feature to type Mathematical formulas. The snapshot function allows students as well as teachers to revisit and review their previous discussions and creations.