Geography And Life In Latin America

By: Morgan Lacey

The Major Physical Features Of Latin America

*The Andes Mountains: Located in Chile
*Brazilian Highlands: Located in Brazil
* The Pampas: Located in South America
Bodies of Water:
*The Amazon River: Located in Brazil
* The Amazon Bason: Located in Brazil
* The San Francisco River: Located in Brazil
*Arid Climate: Located in deserts, coastal areas, and interior regions throughout South America
*Temperate Climate:Located in Argentina, Brazil, the Pampas

How Do The Physical Features of Latin America Affect Where People Live

Whypeople live in Brazil, Why people don't live in Peru

People live in Brazil because of all the natural resources and the nice everyday average climate.
Not a lot of people live in Peru because of the cold climate and the lack of natural good resources.(The picture below is Peru)
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How Physical Features Affect Economic Activity

Agriculture:Agriculture is the most common economic activities in Latin America. Agriculture is located basically all throughout South America. It is located there because you can farm and vegetate pretty much everywhere in South America.(The picture below is of agriculture)

Breeding Animals:Breeding animals isn't as common as agriculture in South America. Breeding animals is located in the southern ends of Argentina, Chile, and the highest elevation of the Andes Mountains. They breed animals there because it is so cold all the time and they breed them for their wool, they also export the animals wool throughout the world.

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The Human Environment Interaction In Latin America

The main human interaction in Latin America is deforestation. Deforestation is when there is a certain cause that makes a forest get destroyed, torn down, and, or, taken away. There are a lot of things that humans do to cause deforestation, here are a few examples:illegal logging, fires, fuel wood harvesting, etc. . .. Illegal logging causes there to not be enough trees, that will affect us as well, the less trees we have, the less oxygen we have to breathe in. Fires will cause the whole forest to burn down, now think about it, if you live near a forest and that forest catches on fire, then your home and the land you live on could possibly burn down as well. As you can see, deforestation is a big problem over all. Whatever we are doing to cause it, we need to stop.

Pictures and Graphs of Latin America

These pictures are all of Latin America