The Alaskan Wilderness of Juneau

By: Matt C, Emily, and Abby

Today's Broadcast

Hello, welcome to the Weather Forecasters, here is our daily smore for you. Today the 20th of May here in Juneau at 6:34 a.m., we are experiencing cold weather at freezing point, 32º F with no wind chill. It’s partly cloudy with scattered patches of fog, and sunshine peeking through at places. We’ve have had 0.00” of precipitation here but the barometric pressure is surprisingly a 30.51 with 100% humidity because of the large amount of water vapor in the air. The ground is glazed with a thin layer of ice, but there is no dusting of snow. What an odd day! We can see mostly Cirrocumulus and Stratus clouds from our Weather Forecaster Station. Grab your hats, gloves and a toasty, warm cup of hot chocolate and prepare to snuggle up, because this is going to be a mildly cold and murky day!

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Most of Alaska is surrounded by water. To the north is the Arctic Ocean which consists of the Beaufort Sea and the Chukchi Sea. To the south of Alaska is the Gulf of Alaska and Pacific Ocean. To the west is the Bering Sea. All of that water combined makes Alaska have 86,051 square miles of itself covered by water. This all impacts the weather by having all the water evaporating and causing a lot of humidity. Also, Alaska can become cold because it’s 54º in latitude, making it colder. In fact the average monthly temperatures range from a high of 71.8 degrees to a low of -21.6 degrees. That's a large range! Lastly, all of Alaska’s mountain ranges (that have an altitude of around 20,000 ft) that have thinner air which doesn't allow it to hold heat. All of the oceans surrounding Alaska, keep Alaska cold too.

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Northern Lights

These are the beautiful Northern Lights. You can see this miracle in Alaska which will take your breath away. The Northern Lights appear pretty much every other