A/V Spring Semester

What to expect for the upcoming semester.

Successes from Fall Semester.

  • Learning about each one of you daily.
  • Enjoyed grading your projects and seeing how creative you can be.
  • Seeing an increase in proficiency of using technical equipment and software (Google Classroom, Garageband, lighting kits, cameras)

Opportunities for improvement as a class.

  • Project deadlines.
  • Daily assignments( easy A or an easy F).
  • Binder Checks
  • Falling behind (don't let it happen!)
  • Dont be afraid to ask questions.

New Procedures

  • Arriving late
  • Leaving the classroom (clean your space, leave no trace).
  • Coming to attention. (I say: "Reagan" you say "Raiders".)
  • Grading system.

What we will be learning this Spring Semester.

  • Writing
  • Technicals
  • Editing
  • Projects
  • Spring Final ( Project or Exam).