Champions of Courage

"A toonie for Terry."

Terry Fox Showed Courage

Courage means being able to do what scares or fear or frightens you. Courage can also be define as dedicating your life to be a better mankind, to help others or to be a good role model. Terry Fox is one of the best person who demonstrated courage to us. Terry showed us courage by doing the impossible. He also showed courage because he was doing the marathon from east coast to west while fighting cancer. He showed us courage because he himself dedicated his life to raise money for cancer research to help other cancer patients like him.

Why did Terry stop running?

Terry Fox was forced to stop running outside of Thunder Bay, Ontario. He ask to go to the hospital and he was pick up by the ambulance. The doctors diagnosed him and found a collapsed lung and a cancer cell. But before he stop running he still says that theres still hope that people will understand why he did the marathon. Terry showed courage even he is too weak to to the marathon.
Terry Fox Marathon of hope

Hope Still Continues

Hope still continues until now because people appreciates the determination, courage and etc. Terry showed us. Terry Fox will always be remembered because of what he showed and taught us like you can do the impossible just don't give up and try your very best. Also, he showed us no matter how strong or weak you are you can still help other people and give them hope. Therefore, Terry is the best person to be describe courageous because he dedicated his life even he himself was fighting cancer and he still have the courage to help or raise money for cancer research or for patients like him.