Mrs Webb's Team

What's happening in 5th grade?

Elf Possible - RAKS!

The students received a special message from Santa letting them know that they were all hired for the secret mission elf squad known as RAKS! They had to write a persuasive letter to Santa telling him all of the reasons why he should hire them for this team. Apparently they did an excellent job!!

Santa has sent them daily challenges to be completed throughout the day. They have taken over the cafeteria, they have helped Mr Cannon, and they have a secret mission that is being completed today.

Our mission was to give everyone in our building a reason to smile and to realize that a little bit of kindness goes a long way!

RAK North Pole
RAK Las Vegas
Kid President's Holiday Gift Guide

Colonial Christmas

We will be celebrating like colonists on Thursday and Friday. Hopefully each of you saw the letter that went home last week. Each student needed to bring in one orange. Thank you to everyone that brought in donations for the other items. I really appreciate all of the help!!

Learning Targets!!

Communication Arts - for the last two weeks we have been going to work on tackling parts of The Christmas Carol. We have worked on vocabulary, character traits, visualization, and predicting and inferring. We are also going to compare Scrooge to the the Grinch, which we will be working on in small group.

Writing - It is a surprise!!

Math - we are finished with our unit on division and the kids are doing really well. We will test on Wednesday before break. We will also take our Smartgoal test.

Science - We have been looking at clouds and what types of precip comes out of each cloud. We will wrap up severe weather and test on Friday.

Spelling - Our list this week will last the next two weeks and will cover holiday and severe winter weather words. They will have a vocabulary menu for this one where they will need to pick an appetizer, entree, and dessert. Everything is due Wednesday.

Social Studies - wrapping up colonial unit and projects are due Wednesday.


Monday, Dec. 8th - NO SCHOOL
Wednesday, Dec. 9th - Musical Tryouts
Friday, Dec. 10th - PBS Assembly
Wednesday, Dec 17th - Colonial Projects Due
Thursday and Friday - Colonial Christmas Celebrations
Winter Break - Dec 20th - Jan. 4th

Letters of Inspiration and Phone Calls too!!!

Our writing assignment for this week was to write a letter to someone that has made a difference in their lives. The secret was they didn't know they would have to call that person and read the letter to them!! The even bigger surprise was how emotional it was for them. These kids amaze me everyday!!! It was one of the most special moments in my career and thank you for sharing it with me!!