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Fats facts

continent: Asia

capital: Hanoi

Population: 94348835

area:127,881 square miles (331,210 square kilometers)

main languages: Vietnamese

main religions: nonreligious

distance from capital to Washington D.C.:Hanoi, Vietnam is 8313.23 miles (13378.85 kilometers) away from Washington, D.C., United States of America

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Vietnam war

The leaders of the south weren't communist but the leaders of the north were communist. They began to fight each other for control of Vietnam. America sent troops to help the south. The soviet union and china helped the north. American troops began fighting in 1965.Millions were killed in the fighting. U.S. planes dropped bombs filled with poison all over the north of Vietnam.
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The civil war killed and ruined the economy. The people were forced to leave by war. The people of Vietnam were poor after the war they had very little. By time they slowly started to rebuild Vietnam.At first, communist laws gave people little freedom.

chinese invasion

awhile ago, the Vietnamese lived in small kingdoms. But a long time ago Chinese invaders began to take over. The Chinese eventually made a kingdom, called Nam Viet. The Vietnam people took a stand to fight the Chinese. For a thousand years, China spread its culture and politics throug the land.

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Tay Son Rebellion

When the Vietnam people weren’t fighting off fierce people like the Mongols, fought each other. After Ngo Quyen’s death, civil war came. During these long things, clan leaders forced villagers under their control to pay big taxes. The villagers grew really poor. So three brothers from the village of Tay Son led a large group of people in rebellion against the warlords because of the big taxes.

French era

In 1801, a person named Nguyen Anh overthrew the Tay Son brothers with the help of a French army. Nguyen Anh was a downhearted king. He turned on the French and the villagers. They hated him because of it. the French invaded Vietnam for control of it.
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Most of families eat rice in Vietnam with nuoc mam its a type of sauce. This sauce is the trademark of Vietnamese. the noodle are almost as popular.A favorite noodle soup, called pho, is often eaten for breakfast. Vietnam borders the sea so they eat fish.
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Things I would like to do in the country

I want to look around I want to explore. I want to see the economy I want to see there flowers. I want to see the sea border. I want to see the people. I want to try the foods I want to here the language. I want to learn Vietnamese. I want to see if its different from the u.s.