Command Economy for Takipolis

For the Better

My economy benefits you!

Everything will be equal, equal pay, equal work. So there's no rich or poor, only equality. You should want this because there will be no greed in the country. It doesn't matter if you're a woman, a man, genderless, a kid, a dog, whatever! You get your equal pay no matter how much you work.

Stone cold facts.

The economy is run by the government, where nearly all goods and services are owned by them. People are paid equally, no matter how many hours you work. You have to go to business that are officially under the authority of the government to buy things.

Refutations are wrong.

Yes, working a lot of hours only to get the same pay seems unfair. But, you don't have to work those extra hours. Do the hours necessary, and you'll get the pay you deserve. Rumor has it that the government goes power hungry under this economy, which isn't directly true. We give separate power to people so it doesn't go to one person' head. There's no guarantee that this type of economy will fail, as long as we work together as the people.

Communism, if you don't love it, why not?