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Enhance Technology ROI: Focus on Individuals

Buzzwords are excellent. They give us an explanation to nod our heads, behave like we're paying attention, and then totally disregard problems without giving them a second thought.

Three of the best buzzwords in the technology world are "People, Process, and Technology". This really is dangerous.

Looking over the landscape of a typical IT execution we find that many tasks are focused on procedure and technology. We spend enormous amounts of time plus effort defining business processes and stipulating practical system demands. Thus most of the individuals involved in IT jobs are specialists in strategy, procedure, and technology.

So what's missing? Look carefully. Did you special tool see a large proportion of our actions, as well as the bulk of our team's abilities are focused on aligning procedure and technology? How we can transfer them (in other words, align them) with the procedure and technology? What exactly does it mean to align individuals with procedure and technology?

Aligning Individuals

For some, aligning individuals means providing training so workers understand the best way to make use of the system. Others say you should include communications to align their folks. Some complex organizations even expand their attempts to contain mapping out changes to job descriptions and duties.

While these are all significant actions to help reach alignment of people, process and technology, they do not really help us realize what alignment is. And if you do not understand what it's, how do you understand when you've reached it?

Individuals make use of the technology. Individuals follow the procedure. They key here is that the individuals must really Like this make use of the technology as well as the individuals must really follow the procedure. This needs individuals, all the folks; alter their behavior to get the desirable outcomes.

Focus on Behavior Change to Boost ROI

"Did he just say our technology job needs to concentrate on changing people's behavior? I believed we were executing technology, not disciplining kids or providing group therapy. What's all this behavior conversation anyhow?"

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