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who, what, when, where,and, why

Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated on April 4, 1968 In Memphis, Tennessee by James Earl Ray at lorraine motel. nobody knows why
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prespective #1

The New York times wrote that James Earl Ray was a racist loner who stalked the civil rights leader and cut him down with a single shot from a .30-06-caliber hunting rifle. Ray first said he shot King Then recanted after.
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prespective #2

New York Times said that He said he did not fire the shot but rather was ''set up'' and used as an errand boy and decoy for the true assassins, a shadowy band of conspirators who, as he told it, counted among their number a mystery figure identified only as Raoul.

Media Bias

bias that was shown was bias by source control. the paper used sources to slant the paper on the side that they wanted the paper to agree with.

cultural criticism

The whites didn't think that blacks deserved to have the rights that they have. The whites felt that they were superior to blacks and therefore not worthy of the privileges they had. They felt everything was fine and nothing should change.

historical criticism

martin luther king jr is a historical figure that people looked and still look up to him. people still quote his i have a dream speech and celebrate his birthday as a national holiday. people are still trying to investagate his death.