The Hunting Ground

A film based on rapes and sexual assault on college campus

Purpose & Thesis

The purpose of this film is to expose large university that have been covering up rapes and sexual assaults that have been accruing on campus, this documentary exposes those university and how poorly they treat the victims.

The film 'The Hunting Ground' has succeeded in achieving its purpose of exposing universities and how they treat victims with Interview with real victims, showing what happens when an athlete is involved with a rape and showing a short video of punishments schools have given for being guilty of rape and sexual assault.

Example One: The Interviews

The Interviews

In the film they interviewed many women from all different types of schools, from Florida State to Harvard to Yale, women stepped forward to share their experiences and share there stories with how the schools have handled the situation. With every victim that has stepped forward each school have blamed the victim saying that the girls should have not drank too much or that their clothing has provoked them.
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Example Two: The Athletes

When a star athlete has been accused of a crime like rape or sexual assault, the school will do anything in its power to protect that athlete and their name. A similar story has happened to Jameis Winston, a star football player at Florida University, who raped two girls on campus and was not charged. The school proceeded to protect him at all cost and make sure his name and the schools name was not ruined in anyway. With all evidence pointing against Winston along with two victims, he was not charged with any crime and continues to play football.

Similarly, wen an athlete is being accused of a crime it is against campus rules for the campus police to approach the player in any sport stadium, locker room, during practice or class. The campus police cannot even approach the coach to obtain information on where the player might be.

Example Three: Directors Impact

In the film the director, Kirby Dick, has made an impact with the film and with how the movie affects the viewers. For example, in the film Kamilah Willingham, a victim of a rape in Harvard, talks about her experience and how the school handled the situation. When she has spoken with the dean of students they processed to tell her to keep quiet about the rape and not to speak about it. After speaking about her experience, in the film they began to play advertisements for Harvard and how Harvard is depicted by society as a high class school with not problem what so ever. Also, as the film begins it seems to be a horror film.

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In the picture above is the director, Kirby Dick.


Overall the film has informed and help me realize the dangers in college, whether or not us as a society have realized it, or dare to speak about it, the dangers of sexual assault and rape on campus has become a major problem that must be addressed. As a female soon-to-be a college student this film has impacted me and helped me to be more aware on the issue. This film has also given me a new perspective on schools and how uncaring they are to these victims, and how they have not even offered any help to them, but only to "keep it to yourself." Another perspective this film has given me is how important college athletes are to these schools that they are willing to cover up and defend the athlete for rape, and to state the victims are lying.
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