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Get Hyped for the Holidays!


Incoming 10th Grade Field Trip to CMTHS

Below are pictures of some of the 10th-grade students that participated in our field trip day to CMTHS. They were very excited to get hands-on learning, and away from the computer for a day.
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Mrs. Lowery - CMTHS School Counseling Assistant

We at CMTHS are very lucky to have Mrs. Lowery as the friendly and smiling face of the School Counseling Department. Mrs. Lowery always makes you feel welcome when you come into the counseling office and will stop whatever she is doing to help you. Many students will come to see Mrs. Lowery instead of one of the counselors, which tells you the profound impact she has on them. Mrs. Lowery effectively and successfully manages all student enrollment and she is a master of spreadsheets. She will figure out how to do almost anything with numbers. Mrs. Lowery is, without a doubt, an absolute pleasure to be around. Thank you, Mrs. Lowery. You're simply the best!
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Click Here for Crisis Services & Teen Talk Line

Montgomery County Mobile Crisis provides not only immediate support for crisis situations but also assistance with managing recurring or future crises.

Nurse Tupper's Health Tip

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"Kindness is like the snow, it adds beauty to everything it covers". I would personally like to add, "Kindness is not a seasonal treat". - Mr. Hughes, Networking Instructional Asst.

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Please Stay Safe & Healthy During the Holiday Season

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