GaETC 2015

Everyone is a Superhero!

Technology is not a separate subject but rather using technology makes our teaching more accessible, effective, relevant, and powerful. Curating information and helping students create knowledge is as important as delivering information. I have curated information below from GaETC. You will have to dive in and use this resource. Diving in is something we have to do in education. If you have specfic questions feel free to contact me @stanlearn on Twitter or
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You Matter!

You Matter! That was the theme of this year’s GaETC. No it wasn't the new greatest tech tool, app, or Chromebook short cut. I Matter, You Matter, and Our students Matter! Education is changing a lot faster than we realize. Schools all over this country are innovating like never before. They are using technology to increase engagement with the students, the parents, and the community. Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, and Critical thinking are the keys to innovation. Are you innovating?

These are your two new learning theories: Blended Learning and Personalized Learning. Google them if you haven't heard about either theory.

Below are resources to help you! Dive in! Have fun with it!

Speakers and their websites

What is blended learning?

Do you use the internet to learn? Cooking, DIY, lesson plans, videos - I used a qr code that gave me step by step instructions to replace the inner workings of the toliet. I also changed the spark plugs in a truck with video instructions. Video is a great way to learn and your students are already using it for that purpose. Blending learning is just that, students use the internet to learn during the day or at home. I personally think it's better than the flip term because everyone doesn't have the ability yet to watch videos at home. Below you will find tools that help you Blend and an example I created in Zaption.

Pigeon Impossible

The link below is an example of a blended learning lesson on inferences. I took a slide show from the internet screencasted my voice over it - saved it to you tube - uploaded to zaption. The second video I found on you tube searching for inferences and uploaded it to zaption. In Zaption you can add questions to your video and keep analytics - two videos and questions take about 10 minutes to complete. How long to make? It depends, the first time maybe 60 minutes, but everyone time it gets shorter. Try it and tell me what you think.

ipads in the classroom

Stan McMichael

Please let me know if this helps or you have a question.