Imagine Learning

Imagine Language and Literacy for Secondary Newcomers

Imagine Learning Language and Literacy is offered in Broward County Public Schools for Newcomers and ELL Level 1/AY1 students in grades K-8.

Imagine Language and Literacy is an engaging language and literacy software program that accelerates English learning. Focused on the development of oral language and academic vocabulary. As well as, instruction in the five essential components of reading with built in scaffolds and strategic first language support. Students work on individualized learning pathways. Data collected from Benchmarks and ongoing assessments, can help teachers to drive instruction using our online and offline Teacher Resources.

Broward County: Utilizing Imagine Language and Literacy

Mustafa 9th Grade/Texas

After coming to Texas from Iraq, Mustafa began school on a second-grade reading level. After making great progress on Imagine Language and Literacy, Mustafa was told he could move on to a mainstream high school-but decided to stay at International so he could continue his progress in the program. As an honor student, he advocates for others that can benefit from the program.
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Mustafa's Learning Pathway

Kizzie Mears

South Florida

Customer Success Manager