Important First Day Information

Brock Elementary

Please Watch This Video

Important Needs to Know and Other Info

  • School Hours are 7:50-3:20
  • Teachers will not be at their door until 7:30 (see video)
  • The change in shuttling only refers to kids at one campus that were shuttling to siblings for one campus pick up by parents. This is not saying that we aren't bussing kids from all campuses.
  • During afternoon dismissal all busses will start at the elementary, then go to the jh, followed by the intermediate and end at the high school to begin routes.
  • Pick Up on the First Day will follow our regular traffic flow. You will enter and exit from the same place on Eagle Spirit.
  • We will have staff, Eagle Eye Dads and security on duty directing traffic.
  • We are requesting parents wait to come eat lunch with their kids until next Friday, August 25th. This will allow us to get kids familiar with procedures and allow us to build relationships with your kids. It can be VERY difficult for the kids when parents come in the first few days for lunch and have to leave them again. We would really appreciate your support in this area.
  • We are so excited to welcome your kids tomorrow. We will all have to be flexible and patient as we work through the first few days. Together we will make this great!

First Day/ Event Parking

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Normal Traffic Flow (Begins at Pick-Up on the First Day)

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