US-Canada Relationships

By: Renae W.


The religions between Canada and America are very similar with about 74% Christianity. In America there are a lot more cultures, making it the mixing pot, but Canada has a majority of europeans and french. America has about 10 times as many people than Canada but they almost the same amount of land. This might be because it is so cold in canada that they cant live in some northern areas. This makes the population density very low in canada and ten times as much in america.


America and Canada have a huge trading relationship because of their huge shared border. They have very different incomes per capita, America is a bit higher. This way be due to the fact that america is becoming very industrialized and people are working at newly created high paying jobs. There are also a lot of opportunities for a good education in the US. This leads to better jobs and more money!


Between Canada and the US there is a strong military force. They agreed to work together and although america spends loads more on their military they sill gladly accept the friendship with Canada. They have different government because the US votes for presidents and Canada had queens and kings. The two governments have has some mishaps though, between war and other disagreements they have broken their alliance and patched it back up a few times.


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