Food for Thought

December 5, 2014

School Improvement

Engaged to Be Effective

Quotation Negotiation

Click here to see it in action in Mrs Patel's room!

1. Post several themes, opinions, or main ideas around the classroom

2. Read them out loud to students

3. Each student receives a slip of paper with a quotation from the text

4. Students pair up and converse with five different people to decide and justify under which theme their quotation should go.

- A strategy from Academic Conversations

email Rupal if you would like a poster/want to see this strategy modeled!

Morale Boosters

December 10-Treat Day

December 12th-Holiday Party

December 15-Cookie Exchange

You Rock!

  • Paul Rocks covering the school solo on Thursday!
  • You rock Nancy for organizing the teacher book club!
  • Heather Rocks for incorporating Performance Tasks into instruction!
  • You rock Yolanda! Just because of all you do! Thank you!
  • You Rock, Sharman! I love how you teach the students at JA to sing to their fullest potential. And thanks for sharing all your great music teaching ideas and activities with me! -Annabel
  • To all the WONDERUL translators for conferences!!!
  • Teachers and staff problem solving for their students and trying to find solutions.
  • Theresa for her organization with screenings.
  • Yolanda for her leadership with report cards.
  • All staff for productive conferences.
  • Belinda for planning and implementing SS with me.:-)
  • The JA parents for making us soup!:-)
  • Mrs. Avella, but she is so awesome in persisting and seeing problems through to a solution. Eg: eyewear :)
  • Many thanks to Miguel for helping me keep the instruments organized in the storage room! The dulcimers are safe & easy to reach for the 5th graders!! You rock, Miguel!
  • Stephanie for helping out Sara's class!
  • Carol for organizing the truancy letters and meetings!
  • Ken for organizing MAP testing!
  • Julie for encouraging us to use Engagement Strategies!
  • Kendra because she organized for our students to get new shoes!
  • Thank you for all your assistance in making The Nutcracker field trip happen for our 4th graders! They did a great job representing Jane Addams and they were even able to wave to some friends/cousins across the aisle who attend St. Thomas. Many thanks for collecting the forms & money (sending duplicate copies home & calling). Who knows when our kids will get another chance to attend the ballet? Special thanks to the PTA for offsetting the cost and making their first ballet possible!!

    Happy Holidays!

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