Multiplying and Dividing Decimals

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Multiplying decimals

Multiplying decimals is the same as multiplying.Just line the decimals up
Arithmetic Basics: Multiplying Decimals

How to Divide decimals.

Dividing decimlas is the same thing as regular dividing.All you really need to do is just make shire the decimal is lined up with the other decimals.I got my picture from How To Multiply Decimals-For Dummes.
Arithmetic Basics: Dividing Decimals

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In case you need to know

Just incase you need to know let me tell you how to multiply and divide decimals.

How to multiply decimals:

1. First you line the decimals up.

2. Then you must do the same same steps that you would do as if you were regularly .

3.Then when you are done you must line the decimals up then move it down and you are done.

How to divide decimals:

1.First you divide the numbers the same way as if you were regularly dividing.

2. Then after you finished doing the operations needed you move the decimal up and then your done.